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free !!! There is no additional cost from the original.

Very special, annual service fee starts at just 1,800 (not including VAT).

• Free fleet management system
• Free car maintenance management system.
• There is an IT support department 24 hours a day.
• There is a programmer department to develop software.
• There is hardware and software that covers usage.
• Can manage or track vehicles 24 hours a day.

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This vehicle management system It is a system that provides more than tracking
but covers the entire vehicle equipment. and software systems used for management
This system can manage and track work in Real-time.

• Bus server system
• CCTV camera system (IPC/AHD/Analog)
• Driver screen system and driver identification system
• Passenger counting system
• Screen system for displaying advertising media
• Fare payment system

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GPS Tracker Vehicle Tracking System

Distar's tracking system has been developed to support the API Platform
system as a centralized tracking system from a variety of devices.
To meet the tracking needs of large organizations

• Can view images of current events immediately.
• Show images of the area around the vehicle even without a camera
attached (Google Street View).
• Convenient for tracking through various icons according
to the needs of customers in each business.
• Dashboard for viewing statistical and historical data.
• Easy management via Smart Phone.


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Real-Time MDVR and GPS
in the same platform

Comprehensive tracking system Suitable for all types of vehicles,
GPS and MDVR, including various sensors, are displayed on the same system.

• View real-time videos on-site on computers and mobile phones.
• All in one platform.
• Watch past videos online.
• Supports displaying multiple vehicles at the same time.
• Easy management via Smart Phone.

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DISTAR, leader in innovation and technology GPS TRACKER electronic products that have been accepted by consumers around the world for more than 25 years.
DISTAR GPS SOLUTION technology that creates superior strengths
has been installed and we are the first service provider for Thousands of vehicles from the Bangkok Mass Transit Authority (BMTA)...

Taxi monitoring and tracking taxi tracking

Taxi Solution taxi management system The best assistant for taxi drivers. With technology from Distar...
D Smart Tracker GPS car tracking model DTK-MT1

GPS Vehicle Tracking For safety when traveling, check from your Smart Phone...

TV On Bus, bus screen, model BM-2150H

Technology for entertainment in buses, buses and public transportation that is easy to use...

Mini-Freedom bus entertainment screen system

Every entertainment is virtual, like having a movie theater with you everywhere...
Bus TV, Freedom Live model, bus entertainment system

A system that will make passengers go all out with perfection. both in entertainment communication...
Cloud Entertainment Server

Enjoy all directions Just connect the Smart Phone to the server system...
GPS Tracking vehicle tracking model DTK-3G100T

Certified by the latest Department of Land Transport standards! Work quickly...


Digital signage, a new dimension in media, advertising, and public relations. Supports many types of media Choose from a small screen to a giant video wall.

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