"GPS Tracker & Fleet Management System"
DiStar GPS Solution, technology that creates superior strengths

Distar International Co., Ltd.
Distar, a leading brand in innovation and technology in electronic products. It has been accepted by consumers around the world for more than 25 years in terms of production standards, selection of leading technology to the market, product quality, and access to customer needs. Both among general consumers and groups of organizations that operate specialized businesses. In order to truly reach every level of need.

Distar aims to develop entertainment and safety systems in cars. Starting with personal cars as well as commercial cars. both abroad Including in Thailand, in 2009 Distar developed and added product lines to cover more market needs. By developing an entertainment system and safety in public buses and trucks. Distar is the first brand in Thailand to develop an entertainment system. and safety that supports 9-36 volt power systems, which can be perfectly used with cars, buses, trucks, and vehicles that use this power system. Under the idea of presenting technology for entertainment and safety to be superior Matching the needs of consumers and organizations by gathering results from research and development of leading technology from around the world.

With readiness in technology and products that has been accepted by government agencies, organizations, private companies both within the country and foreign entrepreneurs around the world The company is continuously developing technology. Both safety and entertainment systems in cars and buses We are committed to developing the Fleet Management system to be consistent. and promote the business of entrepreneurs with international standards It also increases the ability of entrepreneurs to have the potential to compete in business. With a team of highly experienced and skilled experts. So you can be confident in the quality and service. that is ready to grow along with all types of businesses of entrepreneurs

Aiming to be number one in vehicle management. Ready to side with organizations and entrepreneurs with international standards From an efficient team

DiStar Solution, technology that creates superior strengths To increase business potential for entrepreneurs has developed sustainable management

Core Value / Values
D = Development, continuous development
I = Integrity, service with honesty
S = Satisfaction Oriented, aimed at creating satisfaction
T = Team Work, work together as a team.
A = Advance Technology. Technology is more advanced.
R = Responsibility social responsibility

Every part of Distar's products meets industry standards. It also passed the test. and inspected by an internationally recognized product testing laboratory Therefore, Distar products are high quality products. There are safety standards for both electrical and electronic systems. Durable and worthwhile for all types of use.

10 reasons to use Distar

  1. More than 25 years of experience
  2.  A team both domestically and internationally with more than 800 people.
  3. Providing complete services in the form of one stop service.
  4. Installation and after-sales service team with a lot of experience.
  5. Monitoring Service 24 hours.
  6. Products are diverse according to the needs of the business type.
  7. Designed specifically for commercial vehicles.
  8. Passed standards from the Department of Land Transport.
  9. Reduce management costs for businesses.
  10. Software engineering team Can be developed according to the needs of every type of business.
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