D Smart Tracker GPS car tracking model DTK-MT1


D Smart Tracker GPS car tracking model DTK-MT1

D Smart Tracker GPS car tracking model DTK-MT1
GPS Vehicle Tracking For travel safety, easy to use, can be checked from a Smart Phone.
Product highlights

• Prevent theft.
• View past travel history.
• Plan vehicle maintenance.
• Check various travel statistics.
• Notification of being hit. (In the case of leaving your car parked in a public place)
• Prevent unauthorized movement of vehicles.
• Vehicle management
• Plan/Control Travel expenses such as gas
• Share your location to get help.


• GPS+AGPS+LBS Positioning, tracking in real time (Real Time), knowing every movement event via smartphone or website.
• Remote cut-off (Petrol) supports starting. or stop the car through the oil cutting system Control directly from your mobile phone
• Tamper Alert notifies you of removing equipment from normal installation.
• SVT (Street View Track) tracks travel through a map. Satellite images and Google Street View are like traveling in a vehicle.
• Acc detection for ignition status Ignition Detection knows the engine status both off and on.
• IP65 Dust and Water-Resistant Dust and water resistant, IP65 standard, works in many environments.
• WCDMA & GSM supports 2G and 3G network signals covering all frequencies with comprehensive history reports.
• Smart Motion Detection Alarm vibration detection system or move, for example the motorcycle is moved by another person and an alert is sent to the owner.
• Real time Monitoring: Track your travel anytime you want in Real Time.
• Configurable tracking modes: Set multiple tracking modes including distance, time interval, and cornering.


• Input voltage DC: 9-36 volts.
• Size (W) 85 x (L) 45 x (H) 13 mm.
• Weight 60 g.
• Position accuracy <10 m.
• Operating temperature -20 to 70 Celsius.

Equipment inside the box

• manual
• Wiring set
• Relay installation kit
• Relay
• Stickers for

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