Freedom Live Internet-Multimedia On Demand


Freedom Live Internet-Multimedia On Demand

"Freedom Live Bus TV, a system that will make passengers go all out with perfection. Both entertainment and communication
The highest level of personal entertainment on buses, buses, tour buses that pushes every limit. Perfect in every aspect, superior to any system available in the world, the Freedom Live model bus TV is a system that will delight passengers with perfection. in terms of entertainment, communication, and connectivity By combining all your needs into one Supports live TV programs Supports surfing the internet via 3G/4G. Satisfied with multimedia entertainment on demand, full movies, TV, music, pictures, games, service provider information. Don't miss any news and information. Including the future development of various systems such as booking tickets through the website and others, so that Freedom Live is the highest perfection of personal entertainment systems on buses that have ever existed and ensure travel safety.

Freedom i-MOD System

- 9"" touch screen, really sharp and clear with Super HD resolution, Capacitive touch technology (iPhone screen technology)

- Modern with multilingual menus, 3D style, easy to use.

- Superior with high performance wireless communication technology.

- Supports internet connection for communicating with the outside world via 3G/4G systems.

- Supports various social networks, both chat and online.

- Choose to watch live TV programs from 8 channels.

- USB Port connector on each screen for charging mobile phones and supporting reading of video, music, e-book files from handy drives/thum drives - Choose to watch movies, music videos, songs, e-books, or play games. according to demand

- Confident with a centralized power control system from the server. and high standard equipment such as wire technology to prevent fire spread.

- Developed for buses operating with DC power system: 24V"

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