Distar, front-rear recording camera set, 7-inch screen, 1024x600 pixel resolution, supports connecting 2 cameras, model MCR-712


Recording camera + reversing camera for trucks, trailers, 2 cameras, front and back, with 7-inch screen, DISTAR model MCR-712 - can record front-back or inside the vehicle, suitable for large vehicles such as vans, buses, and other trucks.

Categories : Mobile DVR


♦7-inch display screen, 1024x600 Pixel, can insert SD CARD to record images.
♦There are 2 sets of wires for connecting the camera to increase the installation length to 10 meters and 20 meters.
♦Supports connecting cameras to record 2 Ch, the camera can switch images left-right. and can turn on and off the distance lines.
♦There are 2 sets of trigger cables (Trigger) that can be selected to show the working mode on the screen automatically as needed.
♦Supports SD-CARD recording up to 256 GB.
♦2 sets of cameras for installation. Water and dust protection system with IP68 standard.
♦Control the operation with the push button on the front of the machine and the remote control.
♦Supports power systems from 12-36 VDC.
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