Distar DMS Driver Monitoring System, a device to control the driver's driving behavior.


Increase safety on every driving route with DiStar DMS, a system that will warn Driving has an impact on causing various accidents. both from tiredness and fatigue Fatigue or carelessness even for a short period of time Respond directly to the driver and collect data to a central system so that system administrators can plan Driving directions Make appropriate stops to reduce accidental damage. and for driving efficiency

Categories : Mobile DVR


Stand Alone Online System

DiStar DMS system developed to be able to work in STAND ALONE format.
ONLINE SYSTEM working independently or together with the management system
Running the vehicles in the same PLATFORM format so that they can be monitored and tracked.
Managing your car requires precision in your behavior. Focus on safety
Convenience: can use data for excellent analysis and planning. Easy to install.
Can be used with all types of vehicles.

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