Mini-Freedom bus entertainment screen system, model MBS-1A8HD


Mini-Freedom is a personal entertainment system. Modeled after the big model Freedom. Mini-Freedom will have the ability to watch movies and listen to music using data sharing from the server. With only 1 server, data can be distributed to up to 15 screens, with a simple back-end operation, viewers can just take the Hardisksinv USB with movie or music files, plug it into the server and plug in the internet aircard. That's it, Mini-freedom's server will distribute data, movies, music, and internet to the installed screens. So that viewers can choose to watch at their own convenience on their personal screens.

Categories : SCREEN ON CAR


  • Supports AirCard (3G/4G USB AirCard/Dongle) and Wifi (2.4 GHz / 5GHz).
  • Supports reading files from External HDD/SDD and USB Memory for data sharing.
  • Supports connecting up to 15 independent entertainment screens simultaneously.
  • Supports sending multimedia files in the form of movies, music, pictures or E-Books through the server in the car.
  • Perfect modern design Easy to install, suitable for all types of cars. Supports DC power system: 9-18 volts.
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