TV On Bus, bus screen Entertainment Technology Model BM-2150H


Technology for entertainment in buses, buses and public transportation that is easy to use Technology for entertainment in buses, buses and public transportation vehicles that are easy to use as if you were watching a TV program and movies are in the house With the features of the BVS (Bus Video System) bus TV technology, each viewer has the freedom of entertainment in choosing to watch, whether it be movie channels, TV, or knowledge that the service provider has specially selected. Or it will be a television channel through high quality car satellite dish technology that allows you to watch TV programs without missing even your favorite drama episodes. Or report live news throughout the trip on a high-definition quality screen. Peace of mind with a system that supports passengers viewing the front camera of the MDVR system. Easy to install, suitable for buses for safety. throughout the journey


BVS Video System

  • Available in 9" screen resolution.
  • HD Convenient operation with touch buttons. Central server with full entertainment
  • Can support 16 channels, divided into 6 channels from data recorded via USB or SD Memory, broadcasting simultaneously on all 6 recorded channels.
  • Can choose to watch another 8 live TV channels, supports connecting 1 channel to the car's front camera (in case of use with Distar MDVD)
  • Supports connecting other AV in channels, 1 channel​ ower: DC 24V.
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