GPS Tracking vehicle tracking model DTK-3G100T


GPS Tracking vehicle tracking model DTK-3G100T


Distar GPS Tracker model DTK-3G100T has been certified by the Department of Land Transport, the latest model! This is a car tracking system that can work on the 3G network, allowing it to work faster and connect more stable. You can check the operating status of the 3G network inside. In the event that the 3G network cannot work, this GPS Tracker model DTK-3G100T will switch to the 2G network until the 3G network can work. is normal. In addition, the GPS Tracker model DTK-3G100T is also a car tracking system. that can connect additional accessories such as LCD screen, handset, fuel sensor, RFID, LED display, camera, etc.

Server and program:

The server is in the country and is very stable. Therefore causing the data transmission To be more accurate and accurate, the program is designed to be easy to use via PC, Notebook, Tablet or SmartPhone connected to the Internet. As for Smart Phones, there are also applications for iOS and Android supported.

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